EnergyScoreCards™ is an online energy benchmarking
and management tool for people who make decisions
about energy use in buildings, including:

  • Property Managers & Building Owners
  • Energy Consultants & Contractors
  • Energy Efficiency Program Administrators
  • Utility Companies

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How to Save: Effective Energy Management

EnergyScoreCards helps you manage energy efficiency in multi-tenant buildings. This online energy management and benchmarking tool organizes energy and water usage data, supports financial planning for energy improvements, and tracks the progress and success of energy- and water-saving efforts.

Case Study: REACH Community Development

REACH Community Housing used EnergyScoreCards to measure and verify the energy savings of lighting upgrades, new boilers, programmable thermostats and air sealing.

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Case Study: NYC HPD

The Division of Special Needs Housing at the NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) used EnergyScoreCards™ to measure and verify the energy savings in high-performance buildings.

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